My Rules

These are the five basic eating rules I try my best to live by. I am in no way suggesting you should follow these rules, too. If you love yourself and can eat normally, keep on keepin' on; trust me. Otherwise, maybe we can bond & empathize over our irrational behaviors.

  1. Never eat over 1,000 calories in a day. And that's on a bad day. 700 is what the max should be.
  2. Exercise for 45 minutes, 5 times a week. Minimum. Yoga is a great low-impact, total body workout. But for goodness sake, run miles, do cardio, fatass.
  3. Weigh at least every other day.
  4. An ideal diet consists only of fruits, vegetables, and non-fat dairy. Eat fat sparingly; maximum one serving healthy fat/day. Limit sweets (none is ideal).
  5. Wait at least 3 hours between each time you eat.