Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Come On, Skinny Love...

I love this song by Bon Iver.  It's so emotional, but it makes me feel ...strangely calm.
Do you have a song you can't stop listening to?

I'm feeling a lot better about today.  I feel like I have control again.  I've also kept busy - a schedule helps me keep to my food goals, and it makes me happy to have lots to do.

Today's food:

  • Breakfast:  nothing (0)
  • Lunch: 1/2 sweet potato (100) + coffee & skim milk (20) = 120
  • Snacks/other:  sugar-free hard candy (6)
  • Dinner (planned):  spinach (10), 5 sprays salad dressing (5), 2 tbsp salsa (15), 1/2 cup broccoli (15), laughing cow cheese (35) = 80
  • Late snack (planned):  fat free yogurt (100)
Total:  306 :)

Today's exercise:
      No formal exercise today, but I did babysit an infant and a toddler for 5 1/2 hours... that's gotta burn something!

Tomorrow, I plan to start the 10 day points diet (photo stolen from Count Down To Skinny).
I'm a sucker for markers of achievement.  Gold stars in elementary school?  Loved them.  In high school, I recalculated my grades and overall GPA for practically every grade I got back in a class.  When I was running regularly, I had to have a weekly mileage goal that I worked up to.

In short, this diet fits perfectly with my personality.  I love the idea that I'm working up towards some ultimate goal (80 points/day) through smaller, mini-goals, that I get rewarded for (even with intangible "points") when I achieve them.

Maybe I'll change it to be gold stars for me... 10 points = 1 star? I like it.

What helps keep you motivated?

xoxo Cara

I tell my love to wreck it all...


  1. I love that song! I listen to the cover by Birdy. The two motivational songs I have stuck in my head right now are "Big isn't Beautiful" by King Adora and "Courage" by Superchic[k].

    Nice intake! I want to do the points challenge as well, but I'm in the middle of another challenge so I think I'll wait till that's over. Good luck on it though!

    Stay beautiful <3

  2. That song is so beautiful. I'm mostly listening to classical music right now, and the soundtrack to Penelope, which is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's mostly songs without words but I dunno, I like it. When I restrict regularly I like calmer, quiet music. I dunno why, lol.

    And I am SO the same way! That's why I keep a "calorie calendar" in my blog posts, lol. I'm obsessive with that thing and my goals. It's the most motivating thing for me.

    <3 That challenge sounds awesome but I'm just gonna stick to my normal one for now, maybe I'll try it next month! Great post! Stay strong.

  3. I adore that song! & I've been thinking about trying that 10 day diet too! Well I'll follow & see how well it works for you, then I'll decide! Good luck!