Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tonight, there's a new episode of Glee!! I'm so excited. Watching it makes me wish I could sing. In fact, if I had a genie grant me one wish, I would wish for a beautiful singing voice. (Or world peace...?) What would you wish for, if you had one wish? I would say losing weight would be a close contender, but I can control that with diet and exercise. My singing voice, on the other hand, is genetically doomed (thanks, Mom and Dad), no matter what I do.

I'm currently watching The Biggest Loser as Glee records (I told my roommate I'd wait for her to get home to watch it). I can't believe how these people let themselves get as fat as they once were. It's also amazing to see how much weight they've all lost so far. Are there any other shows about weight loss and/or eating disorders that y'all like to watch? For some reason, I really enjoy watching them! If a 400+ pound person can lose enough weight to look good, then so can I!

Starting with my diet for tomorrow:
Breakfast:  fat-free yogurt (100) + green tea (0) = 100
Lunch:  1 cup spinach (10) + 5 sprays salad dressing (5) + 1/2 cup steamed broccoli (15) + 1/2 small tomato (8) + fat free cottage cheese (70) = 108
Dinner:  1 whole-wheat tortilla (110) + 1 tbsp whipped cream cheese (35) + 1/4 cup chopped cucumber (5) + 1/8 cup spinach (2) + 1/2 small tomato (8) + 1 oz turkey (25) = 185
Snacks:  1/2 medium apple (60) + sugar free hard candy (6) = 66
Total:  459 calories, 0 servings sweets, 2 servings dairy, 1/3 serving meat, 4 servings veggies, 1/2 serving fruit, 1 serving grains

And exercise plan:
40 minutes elliptical + 20 minutes running = 60 minutes cardio
200 crunches throughout the day

Wish me luck! I've gotta get bikini body ready, stat!
I'll let you know tomorrow how I did.
Enjoy your nights, loves.

xoxo Cara

Me, in a bikini (one day...)

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