Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby, You're A Star

Lately, it seems as though all of my friends are upset with me for one reason or another. The problem is, I don't know what any of those reasons are, and I don't want to bring it up and make them more mad at me. I'm non-confrontational to the extreme, and I try to always be nice to everyone, so I can't think of what I could have done to make them act so cold.  Sigh.  I hope everything will be back to normal before we graduate and go our separate ways.  At least my boyfriend is coming to visit me this weekend, and I know he still loves me.

But, I will distract myself for now... I followed my planned dinner and snack yesterday. Yay! Today, day one of the 10 day points diet is here.  I'm changing it a little for me, though.  Instead of points, I'm going to use gold stars (I'm visual that way), and I'm placing more of an emphasis on calories in (because that's what I care about most... and, 10 stars sounds like a better number to me than 8, for some reason).  So, here's the breakdown of how I can earn up to 10 gold stars each day:

After 10 days, the ultimate goal is to have earned 100 gold stars. Hello again, kindergarten.

I'm a nerd. And a perfectionist. Go figure.

How I Did:
Sleep  9 hours (2 stars)
Water  2.5 liters (2 stars)
Exercise  60 minutes (2 stars)
     Breakfast:  coffee and milk (20)
     Lunch:  black bean soup (110)
     Dinner (planned):  spinach (10), turkey slice (20), 2 tbsp. salsa (15), 1/2 cup broccoli (15), 5 sprays dressing (5)
     Snacks:  fat free cottage cheese (70), banana (100), fat free yogurt (planned - 90), sugar free jello (planned - 10)
                 total = 465 calories (4 stars)

For a grand total today of... 10 GOLD STARS!

By the way, thanks to PollyAnna, Rowan, and A for commenting. It's good to know this blog isn't just me talking to myself like a crazy.

Hope you all are having a better day than I am.

xoxo Cara

"All very well to write, She felt sad, or describe what a sad person might do, but what of sadness itself, how was that put across so it could be felt in all its lowering immediacy? Even harder was the threat, or the confusion of feeling contradictory things." Ian McEwan, Atonement


  1. The stars are definitely an improvment! I'm not sure how you made your fancy chart thing but...mind if I use it soon? :) Also, I'm glad you put more emphasis on the cals...I was kind of wondering why they weren't more important in the points system. Hooray on getting all 10 stars today though!!! :D

    I'm non-confrontational as well, so I kind of know how you feel. I usually end up blaming myself for it, too. :( But they're all just PMS-y probably, and that attitude usually spreads, so it'll mostly likely pass soon!!

    Your tomorrow will be better, in terms of social-ness, and just as marvelous in terms of STARS! :) Smile, dear, you're doing great <3

  2. I'm like you, non-confrontational when it comes to friends being upset. Sometimes i'll ask if somethings going on with them just in case maybe they're upset about something else.

    I had a friend C (I blogged about it a lot last year) who was acting weird and cold for like TWO MONTHS! When I tried to talk to her she was a flip show and got mad at me. We aren't friends any more and I found out through other friends she did that with a bunch of ppl and lost a lot of friends. lesson learned, real friends will talk about stuff and you can move on, bad friends get bitchy!

    Hope you can figure everything out,

    ~ H